About Us

About Us

Sun Casting is leading Sand Casting foundry unit in Rajkot, Gujarat. We are specialized in Sand Casting of submersible parts such as submersible pumps impellers. We supply all types of pumps impeller castings. We provide Sand casting impellers for v3 submersible pumps, v4 submersible pumps, v5 submersible pumps, v6 submersible pumps, v7 submersible pumps, v8 submersible pumps, v10 submersible pumps, horizontal openwell submersible pumps, vertical openwell submersible pumps, etc.

When you work with us, you are working with the best. We offer distinguish competitive advantages, including rapid turnarounds on quotes, samples and production work through integrated, flexible and responsive Sand casting capabilities, machining and value-added services, competitive pricing, design assistance and complete material integrity.

We are a small, but fastest growing foundry producing orders from one piece to thousands of pieces and from grams to kilograms of weight. We are not a “high-tech” foundry that produces millions of parts per day. We pride ourselves on our hard work, knowledge of castings and "hands on" approach to management. Because we are a small operation, we are able to provide quality parts and personal service to all of our customers.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide leading-edge technology by encouraging innovation to address our customers' needs.

Sun Casting wishes to be recognised collectively and individually as leaders and contributors in our field and our community. We wish to achieve our aims in a way that is caring, open and honest. Sun Casing is an environmentally conscious and responsible company. We will strive to ensure that all aspects of the business have the least harmful effect on the environment.

Sun Casting is committed to providing our customers required volume products with a low cost, fast turnaround time and superior quality.

Our Vision

  •  To be the "Best in Class" in the markets we serve.
  •  To be the preferred and most trusted vendor for the products and services we cater.
  •  We work to create a better future every day.
  •  We are not here to be also-rans. We are here to lead to be the best, nothing less.

Why Us ?

  •  Value: Sun Casting offers top quality casting for a wide range of submersible pumps impellers. We have expertise in quality pumps parts casting, mainly in pumps impellers. Check us out and ask us for a quote - you’ll be surprised how much we can save you.
  •  Service Commitment: At Sun Casting we are committed to providing all customers with a first class service. We are equipped with highly trained staff who carry out the jobs with their expertise knowledege. At Sun Casting we care about our customers, we’re efficient, helpful and friendly. We are very much stringent about our commitments, we strive to fulfill our all commitments on or before our deadlines.