Our plants are well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and latest machineries which enables us to detect defects at an early stage during WIP and consequently give a rapid feedback to the casting operators which helps us reduce rejections.

Casting Facilities

  •  Furnace having melting rate of 300 Kgs. Per Hour.
  •  Shell molding facility for customized molding.
  •  Packing Department.
  •  Heat Treatment Facility for Stress Relieving & Annealing.

Core Competencies

  •  Die designing & tool manufacturing (CAD / CAM)
  •  Machining & assembly

Die Casting

Weight Range : 300 GMS to 8 KGS

Core Weight : 200 GMS to 10 KGS

Features :

Our design and processes enable us to manufacture critical parts such as pumps impellers. We supply best quality Sand casting pumps impellers for all types of submersible pumps range.


One furnaces are available each having 60 tonne of Sand casting holding capacity. All are electrically heated furnaces, equipped with hydraulic tilting mechanism and laser sensor based automatic tilting control. The Electrical furnaces facilitates clean and fumes free environment inside the cast house.

Quality Assurance

Sun Casting is equipped with a state of the art laboratory and NDT facility including Spectrometer, equipment. Quality Control Department is managed by highly qualified engineers with long experience in the field.


The Company has invested in facilities to achieve its goal of speedy product development of even the most complex castings.

  •  Utilizing the best tools in the industry, the development team evaluates the filling and solidification process of the Iron to ensure that castings are produced defect-free from the very first time.
  •  From initial stages of tooling design, to completion of production tooling, the in-house CAD/CAM design & manufacturing facilities provide the tools required for quick development of new castings.
  •  Our Pattern Shop also ensures that all tooling is well maintained and serviced to ensure maximum life of tooling.

Quality control

Quality is the hallmark of Sun Casting. Products undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. In order to ensure the physical & dimensional properties of our products, our Quality Control Department has facilities for :

  •  Spectrometer, for determining precise chemical composition of the metal.
  •  Hardness Testing Machine.
  •  Proof machining capabilities.